We would like to inform you that Tamweel Aloula will be unavailable during Friday, July 14, from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, in order to perform maintenance work.

Beyond Financing

We take pride in being one of the first financing companies in the Kingdom and we aspire to be our customers first choice. At Tamweel Aloula, we seek to provide a unique digital experience that facilitates the process of obtaining financing solutions from anywhere and at any time. We also believe in the importance of providing financing solutions that meet the demand of the community. Therefore, we always strive for flexibility and offer the most convenient terms to obtain a financing solution without the hassle of visiting the branch or producing a sponsor.

Tamweel Aloula is a closed joint stock company, licensed by and subject to the supervision of the Saudi Central Bank.

Al Oula Solutions

Personal Finance

cash financing up to half a million riyals, without a sponsor (up to SAR100,000) and with flexible payment periods. Apply from anywhere through our digital channel or by visiting any of our branches.

Corporate and SME Financing

We seek to enable institutions, companies and entrepreneurs to expand and grow through our financing solutions where we build long lasting relationships.


Lease finance allows you to own a new or used vehicle through our partnerships with many showrooms and agencies through flexible installments.


تجربة جدا ممتازة . خدمة في تمويل الاولى مميزة وفي حال طلب اي تمويل او خدمة تقسيط الامور جدا بسيطة شاكر لهم على خدمتهم ….??


تعامل سريع واخلاق الموظفين راقيه 


خدمة جميلة وتعامل الموظفين ممتاز وفخم


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