Tamweel Aloula About Us

About Us

Who we are?

Tamweel Al-Oula has been operating since 2006 as a branch of Al-Kifah Trading Company (KTC), that was established in 1987 as one of Al-Kifah companies group. Since then, Tamweel is providing innovative financing solutions complying with the islamic shariah for the following products; home Appliances, automotive & heavy equipment through its strategic partners within the group (Al-Kifah Home Appliances, Al-Kifah Motors and KiCE). Tamweel Al-O|ula operations are currently concentrated in the eastern province and planning to spread widely in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the future.


To be the best in class financial leasing provider in the region with excellent customer experience.


Provide innovative financial leasing solutions with Sharia compliant and  contribute in growing and achieving success for SME’s. We are committed towards customer-focused environment by providing services  with speed, trust, transparency and convenience which lead us to become a  “Trusted Partner” Our employees will always remain the cornerstone of our success.

Our Values

We work really hard and we look forward to convoy the most important economic developments locally and globally to give the best investment options.


We operate with policies that make Al Kifah group of Companies a unified entity , which offers various investment choices.


Al Kifah group of Companies is committed to the integrity and transparency towards their shareholders, employees and customers.


Our excellence is an imperative strategic policy that accomplishes our vision to be the best in all investment sectors.


We adopted accountability policies which reinforces our shareholders, employees and customers trust.


Growth is one of the crucial values that help us in acquiring our strategic objective to be the first choice in the Saudi investment market.