Tamweel Aloula Shareholders


Al Kifah Holding Shareholders

AL KIFAH Holding Company

Al Kifah Holding Company was established from more than 30 years ago by Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq. Al Kifah Holding created a name for itself by participating in many economic and investment sectors, the most important one of them is the building and construction sector. Other sectors with no less importance are education for both genders from nursery to high school, tourism and security, printing and carton factory, as well as publishing house.

Al Kifah Trading

Al Kifah Trading established in 1987 as a sub-company of Al Kifah Holding Company, to satisfy the increasing demand on home appliances & electronics and automobiles. Since the beginning of Al Kifah Trading’s business operations in 1987 the commitment to excellence has been our success factor. Today, Al Kifah Trading Company has become a role model in Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia’s business community.


Al Motworoon Global was established in 2007, it’s certified for its outstanding quality and technology in the field of developing and marketing high quality residential units, which take into account the designs and prices required by its customers at different levels.


Al Kifah Contracting Company is the seed that grown into an extraordinary success story which brought 20 companies together. It was founded from more than 35 years ago and gained a great reputation throughout the years, and maintained the same foundation of integrity that lead to an ever-expanding success. Today Al Kifah Contracting is ranked among top construction companies in Saudi Arabia.

Al Kifah Readymix and Blocks

Al Kifah Ready-mix and Blocks is considered one of the most important companies in Al Kifah group since its investments are estimated at more than one billion Saudi Riyals. The first building block of the company was Al Ahssa Ready-Mix Factory in Al Hasa city and it’s regarded as the first breakthrough of Al Kifah Ready-Mix & Blocks.